The word "potpourri" means "container of things that can be poured out," usually a mixture of small things, such as a potpourri of flowers or a potpourri of mixed beans. I first used the label for my file of segmented parts of my own illustrations, such as skies or heads, which might be re-usable in other of my images. Afterward, I used it to mean my mixed bag of works for my blog. -Roberta

Monday, August 10, 2009

May 9, 2007
By Roberta

Hatred as a Sporting Exercise

Invective is to conversation
As fetter is to forth.
As Metronomic chants to felt rhythms,
As stud services to love.

A withholding of love is an impossibility.
A hiding of love a misfortune,
A strained tort within life's complexity.
A withholding of hate is advisable -

But a hiding of hate betrays itself
In flagrant veiled schemes,
Displaying in obviousness
The meagre paltriness of its soul.

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