The word "potpourri" means "container of things that can be poured out," usually a mixture of small things, such as a potpourri of flowers or a potpourri of mixed beans. I first used the label for my file of segmented parts of my own illustrations, such as skies or heads, which might be re-usable in other of my images. Afterward, I used it to mean my mixed bag of works for my blog. -Roberta

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Written 5-25-07
By Roberta SchulbergGoro

Ode to Vinegar
(How the modern world won the war against the plague of scurvy)

The doctor said the surest cure brings more pain than the disease.
Cramp in pith and sting in pelt by wine and sours lengthily ease,
But stiffening ranks of stench still feast on obese flesh,
As counter-attacking mites within avenge the withering of their mesh.
The spotted skin erupts in curvilinear bloody splits
Where electric flashing flesh its stony-ball diseases spits.
While protein, carrots, careful nurture, lift intruders to the fleece
To spew on all the situation 'round dead muck of microbes in release.

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