The word "potpourri" means "container of things that can be poured out," usually a mixture of small things, such as a potpourri of flowers or a potpourri of mixed beans. I first used the label for my file of segmented parts of my own illustrations, such as skies or heads, which might be re-usable in other of my images. Afterward, I used it to mean my mixed bag of works for my blog. -Roberta

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've been ill, but I'm feeling much better now.  Here is the illustration for DRAGON OF REALITY which I had hoped to be done last month, but am relieved to have finished it today.

When I was still in Brooklyn (before 1983,) I wrote directly on the wall of my workroom the words "The Dragon of Reality" as a reminder to me of the effect I wanted to work toward in my paintings (work was all Liquitex Paint then).   I wanted the work to have the effect of giving the familiar the exotic strangeness of jungle birds or neon fish because seen freshly.     This is a recent poem written in recollection of that time and that even-more-exotic-though-present-everywhere dragon. 

Do I seem strange?


Lacework trestled membranes stretch lattice netted wingspread.
Multicolored mien fierce twines whisker coiled barbels.
Phthalocyan green skin bares cadmium claws deep red.
The Flamboyant Dragon Of Reality.

Opalescent scales flash, flaunt rainbow dappled, pied discs.
Res extensa breathes, springs, res cogitan wills, impels.
Disconcerting might flames, elongated tail flicks.
Phosphorescent Dragon Of Reality.

Encompasser of all time. Stark. Incarnation of all space.
Imperious mandate. Claims. Necessitant lash compels.
Urgent exigent, staunch. Harsh. Fervid is-am of must face.
Inescapable - The Dragon Of Reality

Not o'erspreading umbrel, arch, astride of grace, fates.
It IS the scene, heat, breath, sense. Vitality propels.
Mobius strip serpent, winds. Cortege enfolded pulsates.
Convoluted perplex - The Dragon of Reality

Foresight's fiery hope, goad. Muse. Hindsight's lashing tail, dour.
Actuater of urge, qualm. Looms. Insistent spur of onus, revels.
Quotidean zealot. Glum. Spendthrift ebullience, joy, awe.

Unsettling Dragon - Grim Resplendent, Shifter, Sifter, Stringent Startler - Reality

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